Increased flexibility, scalability and resilience

The Cloud & DevOps Center of Excellence aggregates topics related to cloud computing, incorporating a philosophy of development cycles and a fluid and continuous operation. The constant concern with financial control and alignment with business objectives serve as a premise for the vision of this Center of Excellence.

Multi-cloud management refers to the practice of using and managing multiple cloud computing environments, such as Public, Private & Hybrid, to support an organization’s IT needs.

Using multiple cloud environments can provide organizations with greater flexibility, scalability and resiliency, as well as the ability to choose the best solution for specific workloads or applications.


Multi-cloud management to support the IT/IS needs of an organization


// Cloud Secure Design and Architecture

// Cloud Set-Up

// Migration and App Modernization

// Security and Data Protection

// Monitoring and Control


// Assessment/Discovery

// DevOps Solution Design and Offering

// CI/CD Pipeline Definition and Implementation

// Improvements and Optimizations

// Ongoing Support


// Inform (Visibility & Allocation)

// Optimize (Rates & Usage)

// Operate (Continuous Improvement & Operations)

What challenges do you face in your business transformation?

We support companies throughout the transformation process. We plan the necessary steps and provide the necessary talent, dedicated and experienced in delivering business-transforming solutions.


Provide to organizations the ability to choose the best solution for a specific workload or application

Utilizing cloud computing, DevOps, and FinOps together can enable organizations to develop, test, and deploy software faster and more efficiently, while ensuring cost optimization and financial performance of their cloud-based resources. This can lead to more efficiency, agility and an improvement in financial performance for the organization, always guaranteeing the alignment of IT/IS with the purposes and challenges of the