Boost is a specialized development unit. We develop innovative solutions through a consultative approach and manage projects and services in models adjusted to your necessities while also acting as a project incubator.


We combine the knowledge produced on our Centers of Excellence(CoE) and our investigation with our experience in market-specific verticals in order to deliver the best results.

// Delivery models

Collaborative models adapted to timing and technology

We create and manage IT development teams that deliver according to your needs and pace desired in different technologies


This method can be employed for defined projects that have a determined budget and intent. We are a specialized team, versed in the most wide-ranged technologies and business areas, that can deliver the finished project or act as an extension of your team/effort.



(*) This can also be delivered through Agile methodology


When there is a total alignment of the objectives, it’s possible to collaborate in models that promote more flexibility, trust and an indexed value that is directly related to the delivery’s timing. We are fixed and autonomous teams (Squads and Tribes) that collaborate sharing goals and risks.


// IT Services

IT Services Development and Management

We are prepared for the market and organization challenges in an integrated and agile way: Developing solutions that range from consulting even to management of your infrastructure.

Strategy & Consulting
Strategy & Consulting

  • Digital Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Customer experience
  • Strategic planning

Business Transformation
Business Transformation

  • Re:Skill & Up:Skill
  • Process Automatization: RPA, IA, ML
  • Business Analytics
  • APIs
 Smart & Agile Development
Smart & Agile Development

  • Front-End & Back-End
  • Mobile
  • Low Code/No Code
  • Content Managment tools

Nearshore Services
Nearshore Services

  • Tailored Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Full-cycle Development Team
  • Fullstack team

Low Code / No Code
Low Code / No Code

  • Drag-and-drop development
  • Workflow design
  • User interface design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Automated code generation

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

  • Analysis of Aplications
  • Cloud Migration
  • Development, security and management of applications
  • User Experience

Big Data & Analytics
Big Data & Analytics

  • Data collection and Analysis
  • Data storage and management
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive modeling

Multi Cloud
Multi Cloud

  • Cloud Provider Selection
  • Cloud Architecture Design, Migration, Integration and management
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Cost Management


  • Data preparation
  • Model development, evaluation and interpretability
  • Data Governance
  • Automation

// Synergies and Specializations

Centres of Excellence

Our CoEs offer momentum and reduce the management’s efforts, allowing for a more prominent focus on your business.

With talent synergy and proprietary methodologies, we offer services across:

  • Digital Strategy
  • QA & Tests
  • PMO
// Innovation


Innovation is part of Decskill Boost’s DNA which is evident through the constant evolution of research areas and the development of different technological fields that are at the core of our engineering teams. We analyse the market’s needs and develop the most innovative possible solutions that can be implemented according to the timing permitted.

Onsight – “Remote Assistance” – is a product born from the market’s necessity for remote support. This application allows for the submission of visual instructions while also allowing the capturing and resending of instructions through video calls with real-time image markers. We believe that this solution adds to the day-to-day basis and service delivery to clients and remote technicians (B2C or B2B).

What challenges do you face while transforming your business?

We aid businesses throughout the entire transformation process, planning the necessary steps and offering an expert, dedicated and talented team that delivers business-transforming solutions.