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Robustness & efficiency in software development

A new generation of engineering teams

The Development Center of Excellence has the mission of creating and delivering innovative, customized, and robust software solutions. A Center of Excellence that creates a new generation of
engineering teams that merge highly specialized technical know-how with proven processes and tools.
We ensure the ability to optimize the software development life cycle from planning, analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance phases.
We create a global and cross-sector trust relationship.

Who it is intended for

Organizations seeking:

  • Improve software development processes;
  • Increased efficiency and optimization of processes and productivity in various technological areas.

Development models: On-site (Portugal, Spain), Remote (Nearshore and Offshore) and Teams Extension

We ensure structured teams according to a prior analysis carried out in 3 domains.

The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) structures the phases involved in development: Planning, analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance. We develop using Agile or Waterfall methodology.

“One size doesn’t fit all! “

The typology of each project: Specific Requirements, Team and organization dynamics, technology landscape and flexibility and innovation. We have developed an internal approach that helps us define the ideal team structure for each of our clients, based on a set of vectors that organize and guide the typology of each project.

A holistic view of technology that allows us to gain solid experience in software development in different programming languages stacks, frameworks, types of infrastructure, applications and data. We embrace a holistic approach to technology, prioritizing business alignment, seamless integration, scalability, exceptional user experience, robust security, and a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

Experience in developing applications using Agile or Waterfall methodology

//React Native
//.Net (Core)
//Robot Framework
// SonarQube

What challenges do you face in software development?

We support companies in the development process. We plan the necessary stages and provide the dedicated and
experienced talent required for the development of your project..


We offer exceptional technological expertise and promote industry-leading practices in software development

We apply best practices in development to promote improvement in quality, efficiency, consistency, and productivity in software development,

Talent: Through personalized and specialized training plans, our consultants grow with knowledge of current and emerging technology and sector-specific knowledge.

Performance: We promote new talent as an accelerator and quality assurance in development and delivery processes, leading to faster cycles of continuous improvement and greater customer satisfaction.

Colaboration: We promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among consultants, leading to improved communication, teamwork, and problem solving.

Inovation: We foster innovation, creativity, and experimentation to find new solutions structured to meet challenges.