// purpose

Talent to grow

With purpose, reflected in our signature- TALENT TO GROW- we ensure qualification, empowerment and growth as a foundation of our commitment to the development of collaborators, clients and society.

With its origins in the IT outsourcing industry, we prepare companies for the challenges of the digital world by supplying them with technological enablement, flexibility and agility.

// business areas

End-to-end solutions focused on company transformation

With our clients growing necessity for end-to-end solutions to achieve the complete transformation of their companies, Decskill created three business areas in which specialized talent is united with technological partners that help with problem-solving and growing businesses.

Decskill Talent is responsible for supplying our clients with an extension of their IT teams in technological advances.

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Decskill Boost is responsible for offering our client software development methods that permit increasing its capacity and optimizing the Time-to-Market, where we create teams according to your needs based on the velocity/timing required;

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Decskill Connect is responsible for offering our client consulting services, implementation and management of IT infrastructures.

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// Delivery models

Collaboration Models


To ADD SKILL to a team
and internal managment.
Exchange of the view and responsibilities.
AGILITY in the process
of talent acquisition.


Full control of the process
team and managment.
Allows internal team to focus
on key issues.


To CREATE and MANAGE development and infrastructure management teams according to the technical and business needs (time-to-market).
FLEXIBILITY AND COMMITIMENT when accessing a technological Know-How.


Intends risk sharing
360 Service Management
A team committed to the results
Capacitates innovation

What challenges do you face in the transformation of your business?

We have a talented collaborators foundation that is in permanent evolution and with inspiring ambitions that, when joined with your company, can make a difference in your business.

// certifications and partnerships

Relevant Certifications

Decskill harbours an infinity of certified consulting teams while also being a partner of OutSystems, Google Cloud, Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and others.

Decskill is a certified company by the Quality Norm ISO 9001:2015*

Decskill’s Quality Policy aims to permanently adapt to the dynamics and exigencies of the IT and communication sector by involving all of its collaborators in the percussion of the objectives implied in our mission, vison, values and annual objectives.

* “Outsourcing and consulting in development, project management, and infrastructure of information and communication technologies ensured by the business areas Talent, Boost, and Connect.”

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